About Us

We’re Rashmee & Anant, travel enthusiasts and content creators.

We travel, create and showcase our work digitally as travel with searats. Rashmee started a digital marketing agency in Mumbai and has worked on it for the past five years. She has been fortunate to have worked with over 100 brands in design, content and strategy.

Anant is an engineer by profession but has taken up photography and cinematography as the path ahead. He shoots all the photos and videos coming out of Searats and has worked on several projects independently.

Both of us share a spirit of adventure and a love for nature and try to put it out as authentically as possible.

Hope you enjoy our work as much as we like to make it!


Who's Rashmee

I’m a morning person and love sunrises especially on the beach. Water is my favourite place to be! I want to be kickass at a few water sports in my life. I also enjoy food a lot and love to watch movies. Apart from travelling, I enjoy reading books on psychology. Masala chai is my favourite beverage and I hate that we don’t get masala chai everywhere in the world. 
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Who's Anant

Born in a hill town of Dehradun, I have always loved exploring the great outdoors. I have developed a love for adventure sports as I have grown up and so far I have taken up paragliding, scuba diving, skydiving and kitesurfing.
It’s been one of my long standing dreams to get featured on People Are Awesome. If that doesn’t work out, Fail army FTW


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