Golden gate bridge

Golden Bridge - VIETNAM

The road to Ba Na hills.

The iconic Golden Bridge, which seems to have two hands holding the bridge was created as part of an attraction for Sunworld Ba Na hills amusement park but it gained more popularity than rest of the park. Located at an altitude of 1,487.00 m,  the weather can get slightly chilly. There is a twenty minute cable ride from the base to the golden bridge, rolling through the clouds. You have to purchase the tickets for the amusement park at the counter for 750K VND per person.  The cable car ride in itself is a thrilling experience. The cable car ride has two Guinness records to its name:  The The world’s longest single wired cable car route (5,042.62m) and cable car route with largest difference in departure terminal and arrival terminal of the world (1,291.81m).

How to get there!
Ba Na Hills is located 60 Km from Hoi An and 36 Km from Danang. You can visit Ba Na Hills from either of the places. Some people find the ride from Hoi An a bit far so you can rent out a hotel nearby for a night and visit the hills the next morning. You can hire a cab or ride a motorbike all the way. Leaving early morning is your best bet to avoid crowds. The cable car is open 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM and it resumes at 08:00 pm with last cable car coming down at 22:00 PM.
We rented a motorbike from Hoi An the previous day and left at 5:30am. It was a beautiful ride to Ba Na Hills, riding through lush green forest area. We reached Ba Na hills in one hour fifteen minutes. Google maps will take you to the parking lot for the entrance. From there it’s a small walk toward the ticket counter.

The cable ride in itself was so magnificent as you roll through the clouds. There is a temperature drop when you reach the golden bridge and it is recommended to keep a jacket with you just in case the weather becomes poor. The Golden Bridge is said to witness three seasons everyday, from the hot sun to grey rainy clouds in a matter of hours. It is highly advisable to go to the Ba Na hills by taking the first cable car at 07:00 AM. By 08:30, you won’t be able to walk without bumping into another human. There is another cable ride which takes you further into the amusement park. The park is really huge with tonnes of activities to do from the alpine coaster to the fantasy park where you can enjoy arcade games and rides. With tonnes of fine dining restaurants offering different cuisines, you are spoil for choices. The amusement park also boasts of a french styled four star hotel, Mercure Banahills French Village Hotel. It has 494 suites with view of the French Village.

You can spend an entire day exploring different parts of the amusement park. We only stayed half a day here and decided to head to Danang for some beach time.